Sunday, 1 February 2015

2015 Year of Goat Lucky Bags!!!

Chinese New Year is coming's time to take a break of all the spring cleaning and save money on washi and deco rush.  I have packed a lot of lucky bags and they are filled with lots and lots of washi or deco rush. They are more than 50% discount of their original prices. Please visit for more details!!!

Cheers! and have a great week ahead!

New Arrivals!!! Kamoi Online Limited Edition Volume 3

Dear everyone,

I just realized this is the first post for 2015 and today is already February!!! Time flies!!!

Kamoi really knows how to keep our interest in masking tapes....the 3rd edition of the online limited editions are out. Please visit my shop @


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Taipei MT Expo!!!!

I'm back from Taipei and Hong Kong for 2 weeks.....too busy with work and catching up with friends. The MT Expo was pretty good, the venue is pretty big and interesting. The outdoor area behind the building is for weekend carnival and performances. The building itself has 2 floors. Ground floor is for exhibitions, gacha gacha, make your own metal badge, mt assorted bags, and information counter. Second floor has the mt shop for limited edition tapes, illumination room and luminescent tape room. There are 10 specially designed tapes for Taipei and 15 reprints. Please visit my online shop for details.

Here are some of the pictures.


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Last batch of NEW Limited Edition tapes for September 2014

Three Quarters of the year has nearly passed.....This is surely a year full of MT limited edition tapes..... All the 5 new Kamoi online limited tapes are pretty and easy to use...especially for scrapbooking and diary. The collaboration with G8 shops have very unique designs and colour and there's altogether 17 of them..last but not least, there's also collaboration with Wonnder3 and Seitousha shop limited edition tapes. Please visit for more details.

By the way, if you are aware of the Taipei Expo in October, please stay tune and I will provide more information and guess what? I am going!!!!

Cheers and have a nice weekend!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

NEW Masking Tapes and Deco Rush are in store!!!

Dear everyone,

Long time no see!!!! I have lots of new arrivals. Please check them out at

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Kamoi MT CASA Limited Edition

Kamoi MT online limited edition

Traveler's factory Pan Am collection

Icco Nico To Do List

TrainiArt MT - Suica Penguin

Deco Rush - 2014 Summer Collection

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lots of NEW arrivals!!!!

Hi Everyone,

There are lots of new arrivals in store today. Please visit for more details.

Kamoi MoMA tapes

Kamoi MT factory 2014 tapes 

Kamoi MT factory tour 2014 welcome gift bag

Kamoi MT factory tour 2014 welcome gift tapes

Sun Star Deco Rush S4 -  水森亜土 (Mizumoriado)

Sun Star Deco Rush S4 - Doutor 1

Deco Rush Series 6

Deco Rush Series 6
Deco Rush protective cap - Spring design

Deco Rush - Moji Liner

Deco Rush - Moji Liner