Monday, 15 October 2012

Peta Peta Masking tapes

Peta Peta Masking tapes are die cut washi tapes from the Japanese company called Ryu Ryu. They are all made in Japan. Ryu Ryu is very famous of their stationeries and Zakka stuff. In addition, they have cafe, music studio and gallery which occasionally hold handicraft classes. If you are interested in getting any of the followings, please drop me an email at

Sample of the Birthday Candles shape masking tape

P1 - Heart (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P2 - Colourful Heart (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P3 - Cloud (18mm x 5m) @ S$9

P4 - Star (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P5 - Candy (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P6 - Tent (18mm x 5m) @ S$9

P7 - Colourful Polka Dot (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P8 - House (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P9 - Fruits (18mm x 5m) @ S$9

P10 - Birthday Candles (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P11 - Alphabets (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P12 - Cars (18mm x 5m) @ S$9

P13 - Clover (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
P14- Flower (18mm x 5m) @ S$9
That's it for today. Have a good evening.

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