Monday, 3 December 2012

New Moomin masking tapes coming soon!!!

I swear I scream as soon as I saw the new Moomin masking tapes. There's altogether 10 different tapes and the first 4 will be on sale from 25 December 2012 and the rest will be from 15 Jan 2013 in Japan. If you are interested, please email me at

moo-bk001_Forrest (30mm x 15m) @ S$13

moo-bk002_Sea  (30mm x 15m) @ S$13

moo-bk003_Rain (30mm x 15m) @ S$13

moo-bk004_Umbrella (30mm x 15m) @ S$13

moo-nk001_Groke  (20mm x 15m) @ S$10.5

moo-nk002_Hattifatteners (20mm x 15m) @ S$10.5

moo-nk001_Groke (20mm x 15m) @ S$10.5

moo-nk003_Grey (20mm x 15m) @ S$10.5

moo-nk004_Craft   (20mm x 15m) @ S$10.5

 moo-an001_Salmon (20mm x 15m) @ S$10.5

  moo-an002_White (20mm x 15m) @ S$10.5
That's it for tonight. Have a good evening.

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