Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kamoi 2013 Spring & Summer Collection

Yes, it's finally Kamoi's turn. This SS collection do not have that many new designs, most of them are old design with new colour. As for mt EX, there's no new surprise because they are from last year's limited editions designs with a bit of modification. If you are interested in any of the below, please email me at

1) New Design
Square Yellow (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Square Pink (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Corner Peach (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Corner Izumi (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Mosaic Bright (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Mosaic Grayish (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

2) Old design with new colour

Arch Pink (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Arch Green (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Argyle Green (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Argyle Red (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Cross Light Blue (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Cross Carmine (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Diamond Green (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Diamond Red (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Drop Pink (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Drop Yellow (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Houndstooth Green (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Houndstooth Chai (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Marble Yellow (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Marble Scarlet  (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Patching H (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Patching I (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Stripe Blue (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Stripe Purple (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8

Tile Pink (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Tile Green (Size: 15mm x10m) @ S$3.8
Stripe Black (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$3.8

Dot Black (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$3.8
3) mt EX
mt EX Border (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$4.5
(The colour scheme is different from limited edition.
Special thanks to Evelyn for the info)

mt EX Colourful Pop (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$4.5
(If I am not wrong, this one is like the MAP in 2012 A&W
 that 3 of the different rolls would make up 45mm
wide pattern. TBC with supplier)

mt EX English Newspaper (Size: 30mm x 10m) @ S$6.5
(This is different from the limited edition as this one
has colour for all the pictures on the newspaper)

mt EX Bear (Size: 30mm x 10m) @ S$6.5
mt EX Rabbit (Size: 30mm x 10m) @ S$6.5
(This is different from limited edition that Squirrels were added
 to both of them. Special thanks to Evelyn for the info)

mt EX Recipe (Size: 35mm x 10m) @ S$7.5
(This is different from the limited edition as it has added
 "How to make fruit tart" portion in yellow)

mt EX Ticket (Size: 30mm x 10m) @ S$6.5
(This is different from limited edition 
with some changes to the ticket designs)
4) New Plain Colour
Plain Blue (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$3.5
Plain Yellow (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$3.5
Plain Red (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$3.5
Plain Green (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$3.5
Plain Shocking Orange (Size: 15mm x 10m) @ S$3.5
That's it for tonight. Have a good evening!

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