Friday, 3 August 2012

Kamoi MT - A&W 2012 collection

The Kamoi MT - Autumn and Winter collection that was revealed in June will finally arrive soon. You can drop me an email to reserve your items at and I will notify you by mail when they are ready to collect or ready to post. They are expected to arrive in 1-2 weeks time.

1) Mina Perhonen
- All tapes are 10m long

MINA01 choucho-coral (15mm) - S$4.5
MINA02 choucho-navy (15mm) - S$4.5
MINA03 choucho-yellow (15mm) - S$4.5
MINA04 choucho-cherry(15mm) - S$4.5
MINA05 shiritori-yellow (9mm) - S$3
MINA06 shiritori-gray (9mm) - S$3
MINA07 ring-vivid (15mm) - S$4.5
MINA08 ring-pale (15mm) - S$4.5
MINA09 smile-yellow (27mm) - S$7.8
MINA10 smile-light blue (27mm) - S$7.8
MINA11 mountain (35mm) - S$10
MINA12 puzzle (20mm) - S$6.5
MINA13 choucho logo - navy - S$4.5
MINA14 choucho orange - navy - S$4.5
2) mt slim twist cord
- All tapes are 10m long and 3 rolls in a set

SLIM10 Set A (6mm) - S$3.8
SLIM11 Set B (6mm) - S$3.8
SLIM12 Set C (6mm) - S$3.8
3) mt ex
- All tapes are 10m long

EX1P61 Message (22mm)- S$4.8
EX1P62 Map (25mm) - S$5.2
EXP163 Patchwork (20mm)- S$4.8
EXP164 Lace (22mm)- S$4.8
EXP165 Maths (30mm) - S$6.5
EX1P66 Ribbon (25mm) - S$5.2
EX1P67 Gradation (15mm) - S$3.5
EXP168 Stitch (15mm) - S$3.5
EX1P69 Stamp (35mm) - S$7.5
EXP170 Ocean (30mm) - S$6.5
4) mt ex renewal
- mt ex renewal are actually the same design as the previous collection but the length for each roll has changed from 15mm to 10mm and some of the designs have new colours.

EX1P48 Ribbon Gold (35mm) - S$7.5
[The previous collection was in red colour]
EX1P50 Silhouette (20mm) - S$4.5
[The previous collections were in red/gray/green and blue/gray/purple]
EX1P53 Wax Seal (30mm) - S$6.5
[The previous collection was in red/brown/gold and silver colour]
EXP1P56 Number in pink (15mm) - S$3.5
[The previous collection was in red colour]
EX1P58 Bottles (40mm)  - S$8
[The previous collection do not have brown coloured bottles]
EX1P59 Safety pin (35mm) - S$7.5
[This one I am not 100% sure but I think the difference is the
 newly added safety pin design, ie. the forth one from the left]
 That's it for now and have a good evening.

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